perjantai 27. maaliskuuta 2015

Perjantain lainaukset

Kulttikirjoittaja Theodore Dalrymplen teksti syyllisyydestä sopii taannoiseen pohdintaani Antti Blåfieldin sulkeutumiskolumnista Hesarissa. Itse asiassa se sopii suureen osaan HS:n ja monen muunkin alustan kolumneista.

The root cause is always in us, the us in question being our biological, cultural, or political ancestors, but never me in particular. We are responsible, but I am not.


The kind of guilt I have described is designed to demonstrate the superior moral sensibility of those who express it. “I am not like the mass,” that person tells himself, “who see only appearances. I, by contrast, make no hasty censorious judgments and suffer no vulgar prejudices, and see through to the moral reality of things with my gimlet or X-ray intellect.” And in the process, he displays his superiority for others of like mind to see and approve; for they are the Brahmin caste of moral philosophy to which he wants to belong.

Samassa tekstissä vilahtaa toinen monessa paikassa silmään pistänyt suhtautumistapa.

...only the West is capable of sin, the rest of the world not being fully human and therefore incapable of sin, in the same way as animals are incapable of sin.

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