tiistai 19. helmikuuta 2008

Jospa joku muu älähtäisi

Näinhän se taitaa mennä.

Josta myös Kasa.

Ja alkuperäisestä aiheesta Dägä dägä jo pitkään.

Ja Butt Ugly Weblog jo viime viikolla:

The next things will probably be terrorism sites - sites that tell you how to build bombs. Then we'll get pressurized by foreign governments to expand our definition of "terrorism". And then the large companies will start to complain about piracy sites - both material and intellectual. And about that point, the system will grow beyong the management capacity of a single team, and will be fully automated, and then it'll be easy for people to "game" the system, blocking competition. Because censorship is, at its core, not about moral or immoral, but about opportunity, power and money. The people in control will use it to further their control, not protect the citizens from harm. It's simply too alluring a tool to be wasted on principles and ethics - which is why all modern countries have freedom of speech in their constitutions.

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